Fossil fuel exploration permits, leases and applications cover more than half the landmass of Australia. In WA, oil and gas permits and applications cover a vast area of the state. They overlie sedimentary basins in the Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West, Perth and the South West. Shale and tight gas are the primary targets for frackers in WA.

Between 2004 and late 2015, at least 17 exploration wells were drilled in the search for shale and tight gas in WA. At least 12 were fracked to test the capacity of the reserves to produce commercial quantities of gas. The fracked wells were:

Arrowsmith 2, Corybas 1, Senecio 2, Warro 3, 4, 5 &6 and Woodada Deep 1 in the Mid West.

Whicher Range 5 in the South West and Asgard 1, Valhalla North 1 and Yulleroo 2 in the Kimberley.


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