Lock The Gate – People in field

Lock The Gate – People in field

 Transerv Energy (ASX: TSV) is pleased to announce that both Warro-5 and 6 continued to flow naturally during the past week prior to preparing for sampling and logging opera&ons. Equipment is ready to move to Warro-4 to recommence testing as soon as approvals are received.

Warro-5 and 6

Warro-5 gas flow rate, prior to shut-in, was averaging 0.4 mmcfd with an accompanying water rate of 165 bwpd. The well is presently gathering pressure build-up information.

Warro-6 gas flow rate is presently averaging 0.5 mmcfd with an accompanying water rate of 190 bwpd. Following fluid sampling a produc&on log (PLT) will be run.

The informa&on from the PLT will be combined with the log, tracer and fracture s&mula&on data to determine the expected flow poten&al of the reservoir sec&ons.

Warro-4 Retesting

The planning for retestng of Warro-4 is well advanced and we await Government approvals before proceeding. The re-testng of Warro-4 is expected be underway in the second half of April.